Deeya Suriyal from Xth C

The Healing Bits of Contentment

Cold breeze taking up the lead,
Ecstatic plants and trees bumping and jumping with joy;
Featherless clouds surrounding pure soul and hearts,
With thousands of smiles, drops from the black and blue are invited,
That moment brings pleasure to my soul,
On thou land, the power,
I thank you from my core.

Breathing the aroma of the soil,
Diving in the depth of the nature;
By flying among the idle clouds,
Brings me perception from the
Rows of batches of the holding.
This bit makes the flyers of the heights hunt for survival
And drops from the sky enter the essentials.

Sparks of light from the godly creation
In blue, red, white and many unknown colours,
Makes the human- made shine
Though with a bit of pain, makes every creature jolly
And fruits from the trees driving themselves
To the holy-ground improved by green grass,
That moment adds delightedness, Oh God,
I celebrate gratefulness for this.